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LEDDEX Strongly believes in mutually beneficial business development. As a company we are extremely customer driven which, in part, enables us to develop innovative and reliable products along with a superior service for our customers.
In this fast-paced world, we are constantly looking for and developing new creative LED lighting solutions. From the very beginning our decision to work exclusively with reliable and well-known brands such as Samsung, Cree, 3M and others has proved to be a winning formula.


LEDDEX’s innovative approach ensures that
the very latest and most reliable, proven technologies are applied to the right applicants, whether they are for residential or commercial use.

We are at the very forefront of the ever developing technological wave of LED products and in this rapidly changing market we constantly invest to ensure that we present the very best products to our clients.


Most of LEDDEX products are equipped with well-known LED manufacturers’ components such as SAMSUNG, CREE, PHILIPS and Epistar. Every new developed product goes through quality control and testing process to ensure the best quality.


To guarantee the best LED lighting solutions in the market, LEDDEX continually upgrades current products and introduces new ones. Co-operation with signage companies, architects and LED manufacturers allows us to offer you the brightest and the most optimal lighting result.


LEDDEX works with LEDs since it was only a concept of future lighting. We have already illuminated thousands of signs and hundreds of various projects such as point of sale, industrial buildings, retail, private houses etc. Based on this experience, we can guarantee, that we will make your project shine.


Every project we worked on was different and we know that for every one of them unique lighting solutions have to be adapted. We are not only selling you the product, but we also help you reach the desired lighting effect.



  • LED Solutions for:
  • - Built up letters
  • - Lightboxes
  • - Fret cut fascias
  • - Halo lighting
  • - Projector signs
  • - Totems


  • LED Solutions for:
  • - Warehouses
  • - Manufacturing facilities
  • - Area lighting
  • - Refrigerators
  • - Lighting systems


  • LED Solutions for:
  • - Offices
  • - Retail stores
  • - Shopping malls
  • - Banks
  • - Gas stations


  • LED Solutions for:
  • - Private houses
  • - Flats
  • - Hotels
  • - Cottages

Indoor / outdoor

Building facades

Lighting systems

Custom jobs